Did you installed new game and you don’t know how to play? Hungry shark is easy game. You are become a shark and you have to… eat another see animals like fishes, turtles and humans. You are staring with gold/yellow shark (small) and you can level-up. On level 5 become a new shark which can eat turtles but please, don’t eat turtles, they are amazing see creature. So, you play as log you still alive. You have watch up on motorboat because this can kill you. You have to watch also on underwater cliffs and underwater bombs because they can explode.

You begin with one type of shark but can get another. Types of sharks:
– XS, Blacktip Reef, it is little shark with which you begin
– S, Whitetip Reef, aggressive shark, girls will like him- it is pink
– S, Porbeagle, strong hunter for its size
– S, Blue Shark, very quick shark, of course blue
– M, Sand Shark, this is a shark with a vicious bite
– M, Thresher, has a great speed
– M, Smooth Hammerhead, an impressive all-rounder
– L, Bull shark, tough with a powerful bite
– L, Goblin Shark, an unusual shark with high durability
– L, Mako, a very fast and deadly hunter
– XL, Megamouth, has a high health and big mouth
– XL, Great Hammerhead, a sturdy and versatile shark
– XL, Tiger shark, a most fearsome predator
– XXL, Basking Shark, a heavy duty shark with widest mouth
– XXL, Whale Shark, the largest living shark
– XXL, Grear White, a mighty and ferocious powerhouse

You can choose with witch shark you want play but before you have to unlock them. For me the best fan is eating people but I think people on holidays could be not happy. Why the people are the best food (I know, it’s horrible)? Because they give a lot of energy and our shark have to eat otherwise he died. He can eat fishes but he can’t eat crabs! Giant crabs can kill him and game over. Sometimes you will have bite more than once to kill animals (or human) but don’t worry. Good food never go away J