Below you can find a list of 10 buildings in Mobile Strike because we believe that each beginner players should know what he can find in game. Buildings are segregate by alphabet not by importance (but I think this are most important buildings in Mobile Strike). Of course in game you find more than this 10 buildings and maybe you say that are most important buildings than this below. Maybe you will be right, but first you have to play Mobile Strike. You must remember: every building you can level up and every leveled building give you more profits. Profits are depending of type of building.

  1. Armory allows you to produce equipment and weapons for your Commander. In Armory you can also combine mods and material to get better equipment.
  2. Bank is one of building witch generate coins. As you remember coins are very important to increase your troop training speed.
  3. In Mobile Strike Embassy building let you hold troop reinforcement troops sent to alliance members to your base. Just like in real life.
  4. Farm like in real life produce food for your troops and all base. When you increasing level on your farm, you will increase production of food.
  5. When someone attack your base and some of your troops will be wounded in battle this building let you save some troops.
  6. When you win a battle you can capture enemy commanders and hold them in your base in this building. In this building you can trains your troops to build up your army. When you level up this building you can add more troops to your training queue.
  7. Research facility. Like in every research facility in this you can research boots for your base and unlock new troops (did you remember? Army is most important in this game!).
  8. Training ground.
  9. Wall will protected your troops and your hole base. How? Just by staying. If your wall is higher than give more protection.
  10. In warehouse you can have some of your food, oil, stone and iron. When you have your resources in warehouse you can protect it after an attack on your base.