Hungry Shark Evolution Hack


Hungry Shark Evolution is fantastic game for mobile devices. In the game we control a ever hungry shark and we must eat all what is on our way. Fish, Fisherman, People or Fishermen with their boats. In the game the most important is mobility, but thanks large amount of gold and diamonds we can many more. Maybe, you would like control a prehistoric Megalodon? In this tutorial – “Hungry Shark Evolution Hack, Cheats, Tips and Trick – Free Gems and Coins” you can learn how to earn more free coins and gems! Let’s go!

Hungry Shark Evolution is a game where, you must control ever hungry shark. His life consists of eating and your work is putting shark on the shoals of fish and other animals  to be able to satisfy his hearty appetite.


How to get free coins – Hungry Shark Evolution Hack

Coins in the Hungry Shark Evolution we get just playing in this game, but coins occur much more often than gems. Very easy we can earn completely for free in many ways. How? Most coins we can get by eating creatures that we find where the last gold rush. For eat each creature we get a few pieces of coins and amount increases each time when you eat another creature.

Many coins we can get by eating whole school of fish. I recommend visit the game store and find stuffed toy icon. Just for her discovery you will get 205 coins! Daily bonuses for daily login bring us many coins.

Another method is watching the advertising. Each video has +/- 30 seconds and for each view ads from beginning to the end we get 100 coins.

Of course, you can also get many coins by buy for the real money in the game shop. 90 000 coins will cost ~50$. But, you must remember, do not use apps as Hungry Shark Evolution Hack, Hungry Shark Evolution Apk and Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats. This is fake! When you have so much you want to buy gold, you better really visit the store.

And how to get free Robux in Roblox you find here – Roblox hack.

What we use Coins?

For coins in the game we can unlock a new sharks, but before you unlock another sharks, we need to upgrade earlier sharks for 100%. Of course, you can bypass this requirement by pay for a shark by gems.

Moreover you can buy accessories for coins. Accessories you can use to both personalize the appearance of a shark and to decorate.

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How to hack Hungry Shark Evolution? Get Free gems!

Ok, so gems in the Hungry Shark Evolution hack you can get for different ways, but gems occur very rarely. Gems we can earn for free by watching the advertising like in the case coins. But here for one ads, we get only one gems…

Moreover, we get gems for destroy a small fishing boats. But we can be killed this boat only by playing Megalodon…

When, you like a game profile on Facebook you can get 5 gems. Having also Harpoon Boats Men also have the chance to diamonds. Similarly, the Gemfish and other victims. Of course, gems you can buy in the game shop like coins. But similar like coins, you be careful on Hungry Shark Evolution Cheats

What we use diamonds?

Gems you are using in the game for many option. For example to unlock a new shark. For gems you can revive dead shark. Moreover, we can unlock items in the game, small sharks and buy maps!