Jurassic World The Game Hack

Free Food, Coins, DNA and Cash!

Check tips and tricks thanks Jurassic World The Game Hack!

Certainly, you played now in Jurassic Park Builder. Great fun, right? But how about a new look? Jurassic World The Game is new look of the Jurassic Park. In the game, you begin to discover new great beasts, which once walked the planet. However, in this time, you spent many time on the arena during the fight. Yes, you will set their own dinosaurs dueling with those grown by other players.

For this, useful to you some tips and some Jurassic World The Game Hack. All of this, will be in one big tutorial. However, you must remember that nothing can replace you experience already when the real fun that only receive installing the game on your device.

Jurassic World the Game Hack, Cheats, Tips and tutorials

So, as I wrote above, here I would show you many tips in the game thanks that you will be better player and your dinosaurs will be more powerful. Ok, let’s go!

Difficult begginings

  1. Save money during the tutorial! – I know, it is tempting everyone to accelerate slightly all the initial tasks and eventually break free from the yoke of the tutorial and move on to the real fun. But, no sense is accelerate here anything, because premium currency which you get at the start the game will be more useful to you later in the fun. This is Jurassic World The Game Hack number one! When you’ve used this tip, you will have an advantage over the more impatient players.
  2. Place your building and dinosaurs near the same decoration! – Decoration will given bonuses to your earnings that you put both building and dinosaurs living in our park. It is Jurassic World The Game Cheats another tip! Remember of this!
  3. Build, upgrade, feed and extended! – However, do everything according to their needs and their abilities. These expensive investments should leave for later whenever the need arises. Do not do anything by force – Jurassic World Hack #3!
  4. Jurassic World the Game Hack Tips number 4! Focus on the mission, which you can gind in the package of t cards. These tasks are rewarding us premium currency – Cash. Of course you can buy cash in the game shop, but than you must spent your real money. Remember! Usually tasks are on the time
  5. You don’t need to evolve your dinosaurs now. In the game you can feed your dinosaurs, until they get the max level. Then, you can combine dinosaurs with each other. This is good option, when you planning go to the Arena and earn more money. If you have more dinosaurs, you have more fun on the arena.
  6. Don’t spend Cash on additional incubators for the next dinosaurs. If you start that incubator you must pay 10 Cash, but that incubator will run only temporarily.
We are going to the Arena!
  1. Do not stop feed your dinosaurs. Produce food and do not stand in place!
  2. Use DNA to get a new dinosaurs!
  3. Remember link between different dinosaurs. For Example
    Carnosaurs -> Herbivoes -> Pterosaurs -> Amphiians -> Carnicores.
    Arrows indicate who are stronger.
  4. As I write above. Do not spend money on additional incubators!

And at the very end. You must remember not to get fooled by any Jurassic World The Game Hack, Jurassic World The Game Cheats, Cheats or Jurassic World Jurassic World Hack! All of proposing such applications that theoretically you can add to your account Coins, Cash and many other swindlers. These applications do not exist! The only way to quickly acquire these resources to benefit from the in-game store, or proceeding according to our guide!