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Mobile Strike Hack, Tips & Tricks

Mobile Strike is game very similar to Game of War. So, as in the Game of War very important are resources and we know how hard is it to get. So, we want to show a Mobile Strike Hack – some tips how to get resources and how to play in the game!

Below you can find a few questions how to play Mobile Strike. I hope it help you play in Mobile Strike when you are a beginner player.

Mobile Strike Hack and Mobile Strike Cheats – become a better player

Here, I show you Mobile Strike Hack. This is tutorials thanks that you can learn many useful tips and tricks for Mobile Strike. Many of the best player in this game, read the similar guides for this game. Thanks Mobile Strike hack you can really be better player! Read below tips and check yourself!

  1. Moving a buildings in Mobile Strike.
    To move any buildings in Mobile Strike you to get a “building move” item. You can buy it in shop for 500 gold or you can buy for 100 000 loyalty points. You can choose witch way you want get this object. So, when you have this element and you want move building you use item and you tap “more” button. Next step is select “building swap” and now you can click on any building and move it
  2. Changing Base Name
    When you play Mobile Strike you want name your base. It is very easy. When you want change base name you have to select “base rename” item and you need to tap your new base name. In beginning base name is name of player.
  3. How to change a Commander Name?
    If you want to change a Commander Name you have to purchase a “commander name” item and change the name.
  4. How to change Player Name?
    If you want to change your player name in Mobile Strike to have to purchase “change player name” item and change the name. You can only make it by using a gold or alliance store.
  5. What is Protected State?
    It could be crazy but all states in Mobile Strike are protected und this is unlikely to change. It’s mean that once you get past Headquarters level 5, you have to stay in to the state you are. You can never relocate to another state.
  6. How to disable Mobile Strike Tutorial?
    I know, Tutorial can be irritating but you must remember it help beginner players how to play. If you are not beginner player so… sorry, you have to sit through tutorial. You can do one thing- you can close out the suggested building upgrades.
  7. How to unlock gift mode?
    Gift mode allows you to send items which you bought with the gold to another players in your alliance (you can’t send to anothers, only to players in alliance).
  8. How to unlock full auto mode?
    You can unlock Full Auto Mode by purchasing special gold packs. When you once unlocked you can switch between normal and full auto mode.
  9. How increase rebel target level?
    If you want attack higher level rebel targets than yours, you have to increasing your rebel target. Other way you can’t attack them. To do it you have to spend some time in research facility and you have to specifically your commander research tree.

I hope that through our advice contained in the Mobile Strike Hack and Mobile Strike Cheats you become better players. Of course, if you have any questions or anything you do not know you are welcome to our blog, and there certainly will find answers to all the questions about the Mobile Strike Game!

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