Hi I find this very good movie in internet. From RUSSIAN HACKER. He is amazing. For him movies you can find a very good life hacks and nice movies. Just check him films in YouTube out!

Moreover, I found this film with 10 amazing life hacks. In this article I will describe life hacks that I use. Of course I am inspired on Russian Hacker. I think he isn’t creator of all life tips. But I think he is great and he know how to monetize movies.

First if you like make parties in garden or parks you probably have portable fridge. That’s fridge allows you to have cold drinks or store meat for BBQ. If you lost or brake cooling pack I have solution for you. Put kitchen bauble to string bag and moisten it with water and soap. Remove surplus water and freeze it in home fridge for 12h. That’s all. It is very simple and cheap. Remember to have only cold drink in party!

Another good life hack is cleaning leather shoes with water and dryer. Ha yes, it is true. If you need to clean leather wear without destroy it just condensable some of water on shoe and by dryer dry. Repeat this action twice or more. I think this is very good.

Of course Russian hacker have 10 life hack but 8 is totally stupid. Use above 2 like me.