Winter isn’t very good season for us. We need to use a lot of tricks to survive. I will describe very good tactics to survive winter without breaking arms or legs. I was very good happiness and everywhere I broke something.  At first you need to have new friend in cold days. His name is SALT. Of course my life hacks and from above video are based on salt.

  1. But first life hack doesn’t use salt. If you have a car like me. You probably know what’s do when you can’t change windshield washer fluid. So don’t change it to winter from normal. Just buy 500ml of spirit alcohol and mix it with normal fluid. That is simply? Please comment it 🙂
  2. If you need to snowing your driveway, sprinkle road salt around and wait 10minutes. Then use snow remover and throw snow and ice around your road or possession. I using it every year when snow is falling.
  3. Thirdly life hack is very simple too. Insert to woolen socks salt and rice. Set it to your car under the driver’s seat and to trunk. Your problem with steaming glass with fixed. Moreover, I use this life hack all time. It does not matter if I have winter or spring. It is very helpful.

What you think about this life hacks? Please describe your tips for winter in the comments. And watch this above YouTube movie.