Today life hacks for everyone! For fans of Nutella, for organize freaks and for people who want save a lot of money and a lot of space in closet. Are you one of them? You must read our life hacks.

Everyone has phone or smartphone. If you don’t you should go to doctor for a special treatment. Ok, it was joke but who has not have smartphone? If you have a smartphone you have (I’m sure you got) headphones. When you often use headphones you have problem with long wires. It is true? If it is true you should borrow from your girlfriend/wife/daughter/sister or If you are a woman you have in home a clips for hairs. If you don’t have you need borrow from your girlfriend/wife/daughter/sister or just buy. When you cable curls you must to pin hair clip. When you ready your headphone wire are organize.

If you are a freak of organize you must use this life hack. When you are a men you do need read this because probably you have enough place in your closet. If you are a man and you need more space in closet or you are just a women you need try it. Ask your friends if they can give used soda-pop tab. Look at the picture how you must hang soda-pop tab and second hangers. I guarantee you save space in your closet and you can buy new clothes! Do not forget tell about it your friends!


Last one for today life hack is…. For fans of Nutella! If you like eat Nutella and you always have a problem how to take out all Nutella from jar you must try this life hack. When you almost finished your jar of Nutella put in ice cream. I suggest the best will are vanilla ice cream because this way you will taste Nutella and ice cream but of course you can use whatever you want ice cream. I am sure you like ice cream with Nutella and that way you can finish your nutella from jar with ice cream- it is double win! If you want you can decorate it by whipped cream. It will be triple win!