If you are a woman like me know problems with clothes. We need to look good in society but something we have problems. For this topic, I rewrite for you the best clothes life hacks from ButyyBird movie.

First of all, when button from jeans come off or broke you have now solution for this.
To fix it use elastic rubber and catch which theme button hole. That is very simply and fast to repair. Of course you need to have elastic wire. I hope that this problem won’t be unfixable for you in the future.

Second very good life hack is removing fetor from shoes. Just use cleaning rubber from for example package of cleaning glasses. Put one of them to shoe and set it to sun. Wait 3 hours and ready. Fetor gone. I used this patent very often.

Thirdly is easy and cheap way to cleaning jewelry. Buy in shop or find in your kitchen lemon acid and baking soda. Mix it in 50ml in 250ml water. And you have very good cleaner spirit. If you have problem to remove some of ferry use toothbrush and slowly and softly clean your jeweler.

I Hope that this life hacks will very good for you. Remember to share it with you friends.