As you know people standard life have a lot of daily troubles. So we need to change our life and remove from it problems. One think what you need to do Is apply for life few life hacks from above video. I am not joking. This 6 like hacks I applied month ago to my life. I will describe for you what I changed in my life with this very creative every day tip.

  1. Removing petiole from Strawberry

One month ago I invited my girlfriend with his mother to my garden around my house. As that sunny is shining I proposed drinks with strawberries. So I use straw like in this video and remove petiole. Fast and very easy. My girlfriend was very excited.

  1. Disentangle Jack wire

Every music lover knows this feeling when your wire entanglement with keys and each other. Ohhhhh! I don’t like it very much. So I use office clip and wound wire around then. So my wires are professional and in easy way ordered.

  1. Cord yarn control

My friend Kim sew clothes. And she sometimes has troubles with cord yarn. So I show her how to control cord yarn – twine by office clip. Just get the pot, lock office clip and insert to it cord yarn. Change twine from office clip and life hack ready to use. Help yourself.

  1. Protect your small keys

If you sometimes lost your small keys just use office clips, change it to another side and insert money to hole. At the clip end attach key and here you are. If you lost key, you lost money. I know that anybody like lost money so that is safe way to protect small keys.

  1. Use smartphone with gloves and battery

This is very good life hack for winter. Just put to your pocket small battery for example AAA. If you need to write something on your mobile with wearied gloves, use small battery minus to draw what you want into screen of your smartphone.