If you are fan of sport games you should play Madden Mobile. In game you can build your team of top stars. You can select you favorite players like Rob Gronkowski. Sound great? You can develop your strategy, you can upgrade your roster and of course you can take your team out on the field to complete with friends. In game you have 16-game seasons mode. You can choose in which season you want play. You can be quarterback and play with your friends because playing together gives you more fun. Do you know why this game have a name Madden? It is named after Pro Football Hall of John Madden, former Super Bowl–winning. Sounds good? You should play now. In game you find very realistic gameplay because voice commentary that allows players to hear as if it were a real TV broadcast. Madden game is very popular because people love superstars of sport. You can be one of them when you lead to victory your team. You have to select team which give you a trophy. You have to choose season in which you want play, select team, think about strategy and don’t forget about your fans on tribune. When you selected team you can start play. When you play you can think that are watching a real Super Bowl because graphic is very realistic and commentators are also very real. Commentators comments what is going on playing field. Sometimes it is fun, sometimes it is sad. It depends of what is going on playing field, how you play. If you play with friend it can give more fun because you can laughing with your friends. You can say something, you can help or you can only think about winning. Never mind, it is very fun!