Mobile Strike is amazing new game which let you take a part in modern conflicts. You have to build base, you have to control all actions and you are testing strength of your elite military units by sending them to fight with enemy on the battlefield. This game is testing you as military strategy because you have to think like real tactic and you have to intelligent wage war. In game you have a great arsenal and technology advanced military assault vehicles. This is international MMO game and it is about who have better armament, not who have more guns. Build base which will be adapted to your own needs which will show everyone how you want to be, which hero you want to be. Make a special arsenal which can defeat the enemy on the battlefield. But to win you have to remember about few important things in MMO games like join to alliance and take all advantage of partnership to take control and get a title od head of state. You think you can get a Mobile Strike cheats. Maybe you will search some Mobile Strike hack. I think better is play without hacks but this is my opinion, never mind.  Get to know this amazing military game MMO Mobile Strike- this is first game which let you be a head of state.
What you can do in Mobile Strike?

  • you can build of the ground you base
  • you can on every time modify and develop your base
  • you have 16 types of units. Units are group on 4 levels
  • you can include alliance with the best players to fight against powerful enemy
  • you can declare war and you can win
  • you can use modern combat vehicles, artillery and strategic units
  • you can teach, train and evolve your head of state
  • join to millions players in the word!