How old are you? Did you hear ever about this amazing game Subway Surfers? I think about it and my opinion is: this is awesome game! You can be like a hero in your city. This game is for free and for everyone. You don’t have to pay a lot of money for game on your PC. You must have only smartphone with android system or iOS system. So, you can use smartphone like iPhone with iOS or you can use smartphone with android. Android system have every LG, Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericson and more. If you have Nokia you can’t play this game! Why? Because Nokia has Windows system on smartphones like your Windows on your PC. If you have Nokia and you want play Subway Surfers you must change smartphone. Ok, when you have smartphone with android or iOS system you can download this game from your store, install and play. It is so easy.

I told this my girlfriend about this game and now she play all time. This is not funny because I’m really in loved in her and she don’t want spent time with me. She want play this game! I know that this is amazing game but why she prefer play game than spending time with me? I can’t this understand. Maybe someone can explain me why this game is more important than me? It is not fair. I showed her this game and now I must spend free time alone because she all time play Subway Surfers! Can you imagine this? I know, this is amazing game, I know she can play when she is in school, I know everyone play this game but I’m her boyfriend! Maybe she don’t want me anymore… I don’t know, really. I try so hard be the best boyfriend in the hole World and she all time play game. Maybe I should take her phone? What do you think about this? Please, if you have a solution for this don’t hesitate to write me. I’m desperate now. Maybe I have to let her go… But I love her! Or is second solution: I have to play with her. Of course on my smartphone, she on hers but next to me? In one room? What do you think? I’m not sure but I think this only way to spend time with her. If you know what should I do with my Amanda and Subway Surfers please write to me!