Ads on the phone in every possible application is often spam. Advertising everywhere. What level of 30-second advertisement. What to do with this?
First, consider whether you really want to block ads on your device with the Android operating system.
Why? Any software developer would like to make. AdBlock will block most well-known advertising systems.
This is not cool. But if you have poor device it is understandable. Because each ad is a few seconds of waiting for nothing.

The topic ad blocking on your phone is important that the technical condition of the phone.
Often the problem is a virus spamujący ads.
Before installing Adblock install an antivirus program. A list of recommended antivirus software on the Android operating system.

There are several methods of combating ads in your phone:

  1. Install a web browser that will block ads on websites. For example:
  2. AdBlock plus proxy
  3. (required root) AdFree host blocker

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