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brawl stars hack

Brawl Stars is another production released by Supercell, the biggest mobile game developer, Clash Royale and Clash of Clans. Anyone who has ever played mobile games should know how big these productions were. However, since the release of Clash Royale has been over for a year (not to mention the Clash of Clans), hence the label has taken on the role of creating something new (and well, because every game released by Supercell has always been successful). So was the Brawl Stars hack. What is that? What’s going on in this game? You will find out for a moment.

What is it like the Brawl Stars?

This is a game of course similar to CR and COC. In the game we create a team and we fight 3 vs 3 in real time. The game offers the ability to fight in four different modes Brawl Stars hack:

Bounty – In this mode, we collect stars for our team by eliminating opponents. Nevertheless, we must be careful not to be eliminated. The team that gets more stars wins the match.

Smash and Grab – This mode involves gathering crystals from the center of the map while the opposing team is fighting. The team that won the first 10 crystals wins the game.

Heist – get into a safe protected by the opposing team or you can defend your valuables. You have a few minutes to guess who’s leaving with the whole loot!

Showdown – 10 players falling into the arena, maybe you’ll be the last?

Brawls Stars Hack and tips

Collect a lot of Coins, Elixir and Chips in the game to upgrade and unlock new Brawlers. Join the team and share roles as well. Play and fight with other players strategically. Good tactics are the basis! This will definitely help you to climb to the top of the local and regional leaders’ rankings. This way you can prove that you are a true Brawl Star!

What is Brawl Stars hack?

Brawl Stars hack is an application that will help you bypass the shop in the game. With this simple application you will be able to get unlimited gems. Instead of buying in the store and spending a lot of real money, you can add unlimited gems to your account with our application. All in a few clicks. It is really childish. I will not describe how to use Brawl Stars hack gems because once you enable the applications you will know what you are going to do yourself. It really works! Do not wait any longer, just check it out!

Brawl Stars unlimited gems – does the hack really work?

Yes, Brawl Stars hack is an application that really works and can generate tons of gems for your account. As proof, I present you screenshots from our gems program. It really works! There’s nothing to worry about, just have a try and check out how Brawl Stars cheats on your own skin!

Features of Brawl Stars games

  • Fight 3 vs 3 in real time. We fight against players from all over the world
  • We unlock new Brawls, each with different abilities
  • 4 unique and different game modes
  • We can fight solo with our friends, the choice is yours!
  • Possibility to be the best in the world. All through rankings that are constantly updated!
  • Brawl Stars hack – an application that will get unlimited gems!
  • Easy to use
  • Successor to two hits
  • The best developers of mobile games
  • And many others

Heroes in the Brawl Stars and their abilities

Bo – a character who fights a distance, shoots with arrows. Its special ability is to throw bombs into an area that explodes after a moment. Very good character

Ricochet – his balls bounce off walls, which is very unpredictable for his rival.

Crow – is a little boy whose specialty is to shoot a kind of missile that causes injury in time. In addition, he has super abilities that allow him to quickly return to the arena.

Poco – a guitar skeleton that kills the melody. His special ability is to treat his teammates while injuring his opponents, all with one shot.

Spike – a cactus that throws spikes

Mordis – deals damage by hitting the shovel. His special ability is the ability to quickly hit the opponent.

Jessie – is born something

Neda – can invoke a bear that has 1200HP. Recalled bears may inflict injuries, but cannot collect loot from them.

El Primo – another tank with a life of 1200HP. Compared to the Royal Giant


Brawl Stars is a game that is available completely for free on Android and iOS platforms. You can play for free, but some things in the game, such as gems, can be bought for real money in the store. Nevertheless you do not have to do it. This function is only for the willing. If you do not want to buy unlimited gems then just disable the store feature in your app settings.

How to play and how to download Brawl Stars hack gems? (Tutorial for iOS)

As you know, the game is currently only available to Canadian players. However, there are several ways to play it in other parts of the world. What do we have to do? I’m already translating.

  1. Bypass Apple Store – change location – to play Brawl Stars hack on apple devices we will need to have iOS 8 or later. In addition, we will need to create a new account in the App Store, where we have to select the country where the game is available. In this case it will be Canada.
  2. Installing the game – Once we have access to the Canadian App Store, we enter the store and look for the Brawl Stars. When we find it we install it like any other application.
  3. VPN Configuration – This is probably the most important step. It’s about changing our location. So that the game servers thought you were actually in Canada. To do this, download and install the program – Opera VPN, then set the locations to Canada.

This is a Brawl Stars hack, thanks to which you can now play a new hit in other parts of the world than Canada. This is really very simple and I think most of you will have no problem with it.

Soon I will try to present a similar tutorial on Android. However, I hope that in a few days the game will be available in all regions of the world, because I can not wait for it. Brawl stars hack is coming!

What do you think about the new Supercell production? Will it be as big a hit as Clash Royale or Clash of Clans? I look forward to your comments in the comments, best regards!