pokemon go game settingsPokemon Go is a game, which can connect with other people on whole world. Most important thing is the ability to speak with other player. It is new, because in other game, we have friends list, chat, but we not have possibility to meet best friends in really world, who plays Pokemon Go, too! Players is waiting on Arena, where can see our character with monsters. The most common creatures guarding the arena, picking items for us. So, change nickname in Pokemon Go!

Moreover, on start game, we project our hero, give him nickname, and create look. It is decision on all game, so you must think, and choose good look. After, we can change this only with Pokemon Go Hack, our new mobile application, which can take full abilities on game.

How can I change nickname in Pokemon Go our trainer?

It is very simple. Click icon PokeBall in down mode game, and looking for “Change Nickname”. If you see this, enough is click, and edit name. Niantic Group, who make Pokemon Go, give one change of nickname is whole game. It is better than after premier game, when you cannot change trainer nickname.

How can I change look our trainer?

So, if you want to change look trainer, you must click icon, in left down mode. Here, you can see experience level, team, and medal, which take in game. In the right middle, we can see a lot of options. Click here “customize”, and teleport to start mode game. In this, we can change look, sex our character and avatar’s colour skin.

You look it is simply process. Our tip can you work more faster, so check this out!