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Guides for games are very important articles with hacks and tips. In history, this expression was as very important “How to compete game … (put here game name).” sections in standard papers. Today it is changing to video gameplays with revives but sometimes betters are quiet read guide and make game easy. In this article, I (Mark) will explain for you why game guides are very important.

Firstly, game guides can tach beginning players how to easy start the game. For example, in Marvel you can’t lost 30 minutes in the introduction with loosing and energy. If you read good article about beginning in this mobile game you can know how to skip them and fastest leveling than developer programmed for causal players.

Secondly player with remote experience in the gameplay can more and more. When your game tips based only on self-learned things you don’t expand skill. Just read how to be the best in end game and be the best.

Finally, our tactics can lock spending a lot of money or your wallet in the item shop. As you known today free games is based on very simple model. Pay to win. But if you use normal calendar and watch, you can hack this model. Because of course you are slowly leveling but your opponents don’t get same experience than you.

In sum-up, readable content can expand your horizons and get you the best tactics for free for the best of your favorite games. Just stop watching movies and go to the books. Because it is very creative. As you know our site have simple slogan. So, STAY CREATIVE and have fun with our articles.

What is Steam Guard?

If you have to more safety in Steam platform, you should interest one of most important – for me – thing in all platform modes. Classic modes is get two things – login and password. It is most important thing in our account....

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How to activate games on Steam?

Ok, so – how to activate games on steam? One of most important question on start playing game on Steam platform is definitely activate every game, which we want to start play. It is not easy, but we want to share our way –...

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How to create Steam account?

How to create steam account? This is a question asked by many people. I will try to answer it. It is question that We can register on Steam in two different ways. First is use browser to do it, and second is after run...

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Steam history

What is Steam? It is great question, if we want to understand how to work one of most popular game platform in world, and how long way must walked. In few words it is digital games distribution platform, which created by Valve....

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What is Gmai?

I’m sure you have your own e-mail. Having e-mail is today like a 20 years ago post mail. We use more e-mails then old fashion mail. When do you send postcard? Do you remember? I do not. I am only use e-mails but I know that real...

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Software office on mobile phone

So, are you working in office and sometimes you want to do something after hours? You should get software office on your mobile phone, this software will let you keep working if you are bored or something like that, actually you...

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Facebook apps easy download

Download section Android (Google Play) iOS (App Store) Windows (Store) Facebook Click here and download Facebook Lite Click here and download Messenger Click here and download Moments Click here and download Strobe Click here...

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iOS anti virus software

Are you a iOS user? If answer is yes – good for you, because we have something for you. If you are a user of any mobile phone you should install antivirus software because you can get virus and your phone will be working...

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Android useful tools

Have you been an Android person? You utilize and most likely understand numerous resources that are helpful, perhaps you actually create users your personal tools. You want to discuss resources for Android. We all know numerous...

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