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Guides for games are very important articles with hacks and tips. In history, this expression was as very important “How to compete game … (put here game name).” sections in standard papers. Today it is changing to video gameplays with revives but sometimes betters are quiet read guide and make game easy. In this article, I (Mark) will explain for you why game guides are very important.Firstly, game guides can tach beginning players how to easy start the game. For example, in Marvel you can’t lost 30 minutes in the introduction with loosing and energy. If you read good article about beginning in this mobile game you can know how to skip them and fastest leveling than developer programmed for causal players.Secondly player with remote experience in the gameplay can more and more. When your game tips based only on self-learned things you don’t expand skill. Just read how to be the best in end game and be the best.Finally, our tactics can lock spending a lot of money or your wallet in the item shop. As you known today free games is based on very simple model. Pay to win. But if you use normal calendar and watch, you can hack this model. Because of course you are slowly leveling but your opponents don’t get same experience than you.In sum-up, readable content can expand your horizons and get you the best tactics for free for the best of your favorite games. Just stop watching movies and go to the books. Because it is very creative. As you know our site have simple slogan. So, STAY CREATIVE and have fun with our articles.