Cheat engine is very important application for every homebrew hacker. It can allow you to inject some of the codes into memory range of the thread in the Windows. But how to use it?

Firstly, you need to download this amazing software from the official community website. (Go to our article about Cheating Software, you can find here very easy download links.)
After very easy installation just start CE.

Remember to run this special application in the administrator mode in Microsoft Windows. Because only thread of the CE with Admin flag can get access to additional threads memory ranges.
Moreover, remember to disable any antivirus soft. It can detect Cheat Engine as a Trojan or Exploiting Software (it is true :)). Just allow all actions of the CE.

When you have started Cheat Engine you will see list of the applications to start injection. Select application for example chrome.exe and click “Start cheating”. When the process finished and any self-defensive process detect your action you will show new windows of the memory addresses.

In this new windows just find address of the memory with good variable type (string, integer, float, double). And you can edit anything you want. But very easy is the speed hack attack. In the right bottom section, you will see checkbox with title “speed hack”. When you want speed up your application or game (for example to speed up giving experience) just check this checkbox to the true option and in new slider select multiply variable what you want to change. The range is starting on x0.0 (fully application freeze) up to x12.0 (mega turbo).

Remember to using this application very careful. Nobody like getting for free permeant ban from the antic heating software.