Computer memory is base of the any instructions. Because any execution need to place where it is and where will be the result. Nowadays we can found on personal computer a few of memory types.

Memory types:

  • ROM (BIOS / EFI / UEFI) – is a static base special system to configure and test all devices connected to the motherboard. It has only up to 16MB and has closed source code for the security purposes. After test this inbounds software allows computer to boot up from hard drive or removable device. Boot up process is scripting to run operating system like Linux, Windows or Mac OS.
  • HDD/SSD/SHD – are static storages memory to store files, operating systems and anything you want on the machine. This storage type can boot up when having special flag (one of the arguments) called MBR – master boot record. This is a source to start operating system. This storage is controlled by special file system. It allows to controlling read and write. Making directories and ACL (Access Control List) to making security for OS.
  • RAM – Random Access memory is the place where any application code from the static storage going on. After it in RAM are queued to the processor. When CPU executed code, giving a result to RAM. So, this memory makes directly communication around CPU to USER or devices. Any application running on OS having special address range in the physical memory. This is the best place to attack and make a good code injection.
  • CPU CACHES (level 1, level 2, level 3) – is the fastest on the world memory builder in processor to caching like a buffers assembler queries.

Attack methods to access memory

If need to attack memory you can only in easy way get access to the RAM. In add national articles in this website you can read how to do it. Moreover, you can hack the BIOS (ROM) and inject some of the virus code to make what you want after calling MBR in the HDD. Unfortunately, new computers you can find EFI or UEFI with secured certificates. But Microsoft released only one publish cert to all the computers. So just start attacking the memory!