Do you think that life hacks are unnecessary and often produce unwanted effects? Or that they cost more jobs than they give in return? You’re wrong. Life hacks are great methods to simplify their lives by doing small, imaginative things. On the Internet you can find lots of them, but who would like to dig through the browser and search them, often getting lost and not finding anything interesting? Probably no one. That is why we have set for you by our most interesting life hacks that you can use on a daily basis. We will look at them closer. Let’s take a look.

Is the stubborn dirt between the keys on the computer keyboard annoying you? There is a way, which you would never even have thought. How often do you use office notes to jot down something quickly? I bet that after using them you just throw them in the trash. Never again! Starting today simply run it between the keys to remove dust and debris. Normally, you would have to go to clear the hygienic sticks, and carefully wiped, but who has that much time? Thanks to this simple life hack you can keep your keyboard clean without unnecessary getting tired or wasting sticks!

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Another life hack which we will present today is the simple trick worth remembering. This is a situation almost daily, turn on a video on our smarphone, set it horizontally and want something comfortable to watch. Instead of vainly look for him a physical rest, just take sunglasses and put your smarphone on it. Simple? Yes of course. And to this very practical and useful.


Next thing – the need to quickly fill the water bucket or other container, but it does not fit in the sink. There is a way. Just use clean dustpan! Put it in the sink and start pouring water, put a container under the sink so that the water flowed directly to him. Thank me later.