wins pokemon goFirst of all, in Pokemon Go creators have two basic resources – Stardust and Candy. Both are responsible for most the processes in the game. If we have a lot of this items, we can have more Combat Power than other players. We have possibility of the evolution of our creatures with Candy and Stardust. These items are relatively easy to find, but it is good to have a lot of this for all time in game. You remember that you wait for the evolution of Pokemon to the point where the level of our coach will fluctuate around 20, or even higher… This will maximize the use of our resources. If we lost on start game too much Stardust and Candy, we do not have possibility to get another level in simply way. As the level of coaching encounter on your way, will be for Pokemon on high level.

Magical Stardust

Secondly, stardust is a powder, which can upgrade our Pokemon, because is can to raise the level. As a result, it allows to raise both effectiveness and strength of our creatures. How can we get this precious powder? First possibility – catching Pokemon. Second possibility –  hatching eggs. Third possibility – defend acquired Gym. In this three ways to get magic Stardust.

Candy – second element

Moreover, candy is a necessary to strengthen the power of your Pokemon. They may also be used in order to achieve successive stages of evolution. How can I get them? Do important – catch Pokemon. Every Pokemon, who is catch, it is possibility to get Candy. Different option is a transfer creatures to professor Will. An alternative is to use our solution – Pokemon Go Hack, new application, which can advance to next level in simply way. In folder, we gave you a lot of information and tips, how to be super-player in Pokemon Go!pokemons in pokemon go