Good news! We have more content for you. Prepare for some new information about Facebook that you can use every day. Customize your profile as you want and don’t feel restricted anymore!

Did you know that you can remotely logout out of your Facebook account? It can be really usefull function, when you have acctidently left it logged in. And who haven’t done that? It happens, but now you can avoid this situation. How to do it? You have to go to “security settings”. You can see here where you’re logged in and gives you the ability to log out of there. Go to “security” and click “Where You’re Logged In” and end activity where you want. I feel like this is a really nice function every Facebook user should know.

Another life hack – this time a functional option on Facebook Messenger application. You can use gifs in the chat window. So, while you are chatting with your friends, you can send him a gif without downloading any additional applications. Check it out now – click on the magnifying glass that is next to the text box in chat window. Now fill in the information about gif you wanna send. You should instantly show the list of propositions. Choose one of them and send. It has a really nice search enginge so you are able to see gifs about… just everything. It can really make your conversation better, and your friends can enjoy it too.

There’s also one life hack that not everybody knows about. Empty account? You don’t have money but you must make a call now? Here comes facebook. Just choose a friend you want to call, and click on the phone icon. You are going to call him via Wi-Fi. And it’s for free. Really nice way to save money. Maybe your friend will be stunned, if he didn’t know about possibility to call via Facebook. Make a call today and see how it works!

Everybody should be careful on social media and everyone needs privacy. Facebook is a very big place in the internet and you should be very careful here. There’s one tweak you can start using today, that makes your profile super private and strangers won’t see for example your pictures / films. It also locks the possibility for them to like or unlike your posts. The funny thing is – it’s so easy and simple, but no everybody knows about it. Check all of your posts and make their visibility only for friends. Now, when someone who’s not on your friends list visit your profile, is going to see… nothing. And that’s it. Pay attemtion to your privacy.