Do you think you are Facebook pro user? Do you know all the options that it offers? I don’t think so – there are so many useful tweaks on Facebook to be discovered by you, and we are going to present it to you.

If you are tired of continuous answering your facebook friends on messenger, here is something you are going to like. You can choose who sees you “online” on chat. Nice tweak that can help you with redundant spamming. All you have to do is click on the Settings icon (small gear in chat window) and then go to “Advanced Settings”. Now you can enter people that you’d like to be seen as “online” to chat with or leave out these who you don’t want to see you as available. You have to save changes. Now you can chat only with people you want to and avoid others. Also notice, you can be “hidden” to all your friends, just turning the chat off. That should give you a breath of relief.
Second life hack is blocking the adds. It’s really annoying, isn’t it? Well, here comes the solution. If you use Google Chrome, you can just simply install the suitable extension. It’s called Facebook Adblock. Just install and activate it, now you can enjoy Facebook without disturbing advertisements.

There’s also one thing, that you should know. You may have a lot of messages that you didn’t even notice. Maybe from old friends or someone who would like to be your friend. You should know that you will get notification only on the messages from your friends. Other people’s texts will go into the “Other” folder without any notifications. So you should definately check this folder out. I guess you have a lot of messages there from strangers, and also from people you know.

Another life hack – get rid of birthday notifications! I bet your profile is full of birthday notifications every day and it can be really overwhelming. You can simply avoid this by clicking on “settings” in the right corner, and then “Notifications”. Here are many options, you should really take a look on this, and one of them is “Birthdays”. Just turn it off and now you are free from birthday notifications for good.