If you have Facebook you must watch on security details. In this article you find simple Facebook Security Tips.

1. You should protect your password. It is very important to set a difficult password and you can’t use it anywhere else online and you can’t share it. Your password should know only you, no more else. You should avoid including your name or common words. Your password should be hard to guess.

  1. You must remember that Facebook will never send you a message or e-mail asking for your login or password. When you get email asking for your credit card you must know that is no Facebook! Facebook never asking about this things. If you got email or message like this you should don’t respond or click on any links on this message. You should report this to Facebook team and delete this because in this message could be a virus.
  2. You can use security on Facebook by using dedicated by Facebook tools in your account.
  3. When you share computer with others you must remember to log out when you finish your work on Facebook because when you don’t log out someone other can watch your Facebook and change your password.
  4. You can’t never tell your password to others! Even to your wife/husband/sister/father. You must remember that this is your account and your login and your password and no one else cant log in by using your data.
  5. When you forgot you password never make this same as before! New password must be new password.
  6. When you are setting new password you must remember: never use your name, your birthday, name of you kids or your family. Password should be difficult to guess so you can’t use knows facts of your life.

Why you should secure your Facebook account from hackers? Because maybe someone will want to take over your identity, maybe they shared sexual videos on your timeline without your permission. Maybe they want to know your credit card number. This is very important to secure you Facebook account and others. When you will use our security tips for Facebook you can sleep well! If you have others tips don’t hesitate to contact with us.