Most important things in Pokemon Go is regular check map. It is simply mode to get Pokemon, but not all things. You do not know, that anybody use Lure Module and give you a lot of possibility to get Pokemon. So, you must look on all world. Check some tips for self advanced players!

First tip – look around

Every monster is have a circle, can show range him. If you know it, you can take a risk, and throw PokeBall, even when the Pokemon is located on the other side of building.

Second tip – catch’em’all!

You can think, what for? Definitly is higher Pokemon level, it is hard to get him. On start game, we can see only two Pokemon – Pidgeut and Ratat. You should catch all Pokemon, so as to, give this to professor, and take items. Every monster is a chance to get higher level. You can give a lot of experience.

Third tip – give our monsters to professor!

If you give a lot of monsters to professor, you can get him cookie, so you will never ignore Pokemon on level 1-5.

Fourth tip – PokeBall wear out

On start game probably we wasted a lot of PokeBall. It is normal mode. Throw all time, forget it is limited amount. We have a specific number of Pokeball , and if you want to get more, you must buy it in shop or… check our application Pokemon Go Hack. We created absolute innovation technology, which can get a lot of PokeBall and different things.

So, use all of our council, to become the best Pokemon trainer. Remember also that the popularity of the game grows every day and only depends on you whether you will be far the best in you area.

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How to effective play in Pokemon Go?pokemon go lucky eggs

Pokemon Go is a new game, which used AR technology. We can play use with our smartfones, so we can play on whole world. Every day, we can have situation that, we will see some Pokemon on way, and we must catch him! It is beatiful in this game. You play all time, you must be concetration all time. So, if you want to catch legendary Pokemon like Mew or Mewtwo, you should have a lot of important information about game. In this text, we give you some tips and tricks, how to play more effective and will be like a Ash Ketchum form Alabastia!

First tip – turn off AR technology

We know that, we can meet  some Pokemon on whole world – for example shop, castle, church or park. All time we hold our smartfon in hand, and be ready to catch next, and next, and… next. You know, how to catch easier? Turn off AR technology! Then you have simply way to get monster. How can I do this? Just click the upper right corner. After, we can see computer technology, which is more static, and can easier throw PokeBall!

Second tip – come on to the Gyms!

If you have five level experience, you will come to Gym. It is place to meet every trainer in game. In this, we can get some experience, and PokeCoins, which can buy something in shop.

Third tip – do progress with monsters!

After caught first monster, we can forget about items, which will must have to do progress – Stardust and Candy. It is most important things in game, if you want to get progress. So, you should have it, and think about progress with strong monsters, but not with weak… Why? Because it is better. Better have ten or fifteen monster on high level, than have thirty Pokemon on three or five level. It is so clear.