How to create Steam account?

How to create steam account? This is a question asked by many people. I will try to answer it.
It is question that We can register on Steam in two different ways. First is use browser to do it, and second is after run application on computer. Both ways is great, so you will decide, which is better for you. If we use first opportunity, we will go to Steam start website, and click on small, grey inscription “Login” in right corner. After that, we will go to browser, on that we have two modes – login to platform or create new account. We want to register, so decide to choose number two.

How to create steam accounts

Create account in few steps:

  1. On first time we click on “include to Steam” (on right side) and will go to register website.
  2. We choose user name, which we use in all activities on Steam. If we want to have user name, which it is used, we must change nickname, of course.
  3. We choose our password – one of most important thing on all register process. It is way to have security and safety before some hacker trying hack our account. You should choose strong password, remember. You can use numbers and uppercase. On right side you have information, how strong password is.
  4. We will get e-mail address. Best opportunity is choose e-mail, that we used usually.
  5. On this step, we choose one question and answer. It is great key, if we lost our password or nickname. There question and answer can also use to contact with technical help, so you should choose something, you cannot forget.
  6. Enter Captcha code – it is way to block bots.
  7. We read agreement, choose “I agree” and “I have 13 years or more”
  8. Click “Create new account”.

So, we created new profile. We can use it of every platform. So, we can start playing game, feel a lot of emotion and have fun from game.

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