Periodic cleaning of the Android operating system is very important. You ask why? The reasons are very many. E.g:

  • Installation of many unnecessary applications
  • Overflow cache
  • Waste from old applications
  • Processes running in the background

How can I do to restore to factory settings your phone or tablet with Android?
The process is very simple. You have to remember that all data will be permanently deleted from the memory of your device.

Step 1 – backup.

Note that formatting will erase all your data. For example, contacts, messages, applications, photos.
Therefore, connect your device via a USB cable. Then copy all your important files.
Another method is to use an external application. Which backs up to the cloud.
An interesting example can be Avast Backup. Check possibilities of this app!

Step 2 – restore factory settings (option 1)

Remember to backup! To format your phone, go to Settings.
Then go to backup and reset. I press the button to restore the factory settings.
After restarting, your phone will be as good as new.

Step 2 – restore factory settings (option 2)

If you are unable to reset the phone to factory settings, because they do not know the password.
Or the line is broken. You can perform the process of doing the right format shortcut key during startup of the phone.
For example, HOME + VOL. Each manufacturer has designed different window reset.
If you need more help, contact your smartphone dealer.

Step 3 – Install what you want

Your phone is now as good as new. Think about exactly what you need.
Do not install applications not needed. Remember to periodically update the phone.

This is all. I hope that helped.