Surely you know this situation from your everyday life. Room, computer desk, computer itself… and of course all these cables. Lots of disordered, tangled with each other cables. This whole mess makes you never know which cable is the mouse, which has a keyboard, a microphone and yet another is from the monitor and so on. So how can you deal with all this mess? There is a very simple method for this. Just group them by using paper clips. Easy as that. Now you will not have a problem with grouping cables well and each of them will be a little longer. With this method easier will also be cleaning between the cables and, of course, add more devices or delete already added. Besides, if you have a problem cables – think about buying wireless devices. Minus is such that you will worry about batteries. Then I recommend rechargeable batteries.

binder clips

Another problem that needs a quick and simple solution, and that is certainly not strangers. Namely clothes in lockers. It annoys you that you have to put clothes in drawers and instead of seeing all you see only those who are at the top of the pile? So, not only are you pissed off, otherwise it is an interesting way. The next time you rearranging the clothes try to arrange them vertically next to each other. Not only that it’s a great life hack that saves you space in the cabinet, it will also have an insight on each one of shirt in a drawer, not only on this at the top.

You know it? Going out for a walk, you wear your headphones. But which is left and which is right? That’s a damn question. Life hacks we have to simplify life, cause it will become easier and we will not have to strain too much during our everyday life. And so it is an interesting way. Do a little loop on the cable just at the left earpiece and it’s it. From now on, you know that the handset is left, and thanks to that – which is right. And you do not have already each time bring them closer to the eyes, and look for those small letters ‘L’ and ‘R’. Pretty cool facilitate right?