If you like our life hacks today you find a few more. Today something for a home how better organize things and for fans of food. And one life hack for sentimental people. I hope life hacks make your life easier!

  1. Everyone in home or work have a lot of cable and extension cords. Usually you do not know where you have and they are entangled. Like always we have solution for it. To make a organize box you need: a box and a lot of rolls of toilet paper. Why? Because you will put a few rolls in to the box and after you will put one cable in one roll. When you will take out a cable you will know where it is and what is more important it will be not entangled. Easy, wright? It could be not elegant but I think you will be grateful when you will search cable.
empty toilet paper
muffin pans

Now something for fans of food. Do you like tortillas and you do not have enough money to bay it everyday day? You can make it by yourself! Like always you ask: how? And like always I will tell you: very easy. When you like muffins you must have in home baking sheet like in picture. Turn it upside down and your new baking sheet is ready. You just need to make a cake and bake tortillas for 10 minutes on your new baking sheet. Make it your life easier? I think this is great! When you want tortillas you make tortillas, when you make muffin you turn baking sheet again and you can make a muffins! Will you try? We tried and tortillas was great but was gone quickly. Maybe we try again J

Last life hack for today is… different. Why? Because you maybe not remember CDs. Maybe you never was in movie rental and your all friends don’t have aby CDs in home. If somehow they have you must take them a picture! It will be great souvenir for you and for your friends. But if you remember CDs and you have a lot of items in home you should make yourself a picture because someday your children will be asking what is this and will can say them and show them.