Pokemon Go is a game, which will have a lot of funny for players. Niantic Studio want to get some new, some fresh in all game’s world. If you want to play on high level, and enjoy the possibilites, you must have a lot of items, which decide who is better player. Sad but true. You must have a lot of PokeBall and a lot of PokeCoin. It is only way to get another level in game. Game’s creators create especially items, which can play simpler, better and faster.

Key’s items to have effective game:

  • PokeBall – basically items to get Pokemon. You can buy it in PokeStop. Pay in PokeCoin
  • Great Ball – better than PokeBall. With it, you have more chance to get better monster. You should have few in pocket, because you will never know that Mew is near. You will can buy it, after twelve level.
  • Ultra Ball – best item in game, for players on twenty level. If you have this, you will catch monsters like Mew or Mewtwo!
  • Lure Module – bait, which take Pokemon to PokeStop for 30 minutes. If you use bait, you will see a lot of pink petals, which invite a lot of Pokemon, but… trainers too!
  • Incense – aroma, which attracts some Pokemon to our location for 30 minutes. On start game, every player have two Incense.
  • Razz Berry – plant, which get easier some Pokemon. You can have it, after 8 level.
  • Lucky Egg – with it, you have experience x2 for 30 minutes. You can buy it in shop, and get after advanced to another level.
  • Stardust – can evolution Pokemon, and get stronger. You can have it, if you catch Pokemon, or defend the Gym for 21 hours.

There are items, which get another level in game. If you want to get this, because you must pay in shop, or check our new application – Pokemon Go Hack, in which show simply and effective tips to get a lot of items in Pokemon Go.pokemon go incense

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