How to install Steam on Windows? So, if we have Windows XP or newer, and want to install platform on computer, we should go to internet shop, that we can downloading installation file. We should looking form mode “Installing Steam”, probably on right corner. On downloading process we can know information about Steam, how to work and how to use it.

So, how to install Steam on Windows?:

  1. If we have file on disc, we should run it. In the middle, we will see window installation. We click “next”.
  2. On next step we should read user license – click “I Agree license” and “next”.
  3. We choose installation language, and click “next”.
  4. It is one of most important step. We must decide, which space is will be great for Steam installation. All downloading games and also screen shooters will be installing on this place. So, great decide is choose file with a lot of space, because newest game, today weight few gigabytes. We can write it or use mode “View”.
  5. If we decided, we can click “Install”. We want to correct something, we click “back”. And we click “cancel”, we close all installation process, and we must start on beginning.
  6. We are waiting for close installing process, an click “Finish”. If we want to automatic open browser from program, we should mark mode “Run”.
  7. In first time after installing, we have download actualize. On next time it will be automatic process.
  8. Start playing and have a lot of fun!

Maybe you do not know how to play offline steam? Here you will find information on this topic.

It was all steps from downloading and installing. After that, we can start playing one of 4500 games from Steam library. It is amazing journey to world of monsters, battles, wars and more, more. Check this out, and read our blog for new information in our articles. Enjoy the Steam platform!