And so we present another list of several life hacks. We will convince you, that they are not boring and worthless, on the contrary. Take a look, you’ll find something that will interest you, catches your attention and perhaps will stay with you longer.

I bet you often like to listen to music from your smartphone little louder and with better quality. Speakers smartphons unfortunately, are quite expensive. What is the civil way on this issue? Use a roll of toilet paper. Sounds weird? Perhaps, but the effects are amazing. Check it yourself, just make a hole in the roll, which will fit perfectly on your phone, put there your smartphone and turn on the music. Additionally, you can make a stand for our homemade speaker using four pins. It certainly makes the whole will be more stable and you will not have to worry about whether the phone will fall and broke, you definitely do not want this. Surely after reading this, you wonder who came up with it and you think it’s strange, but I’m telling you – test as soon as possible, the effect is great, and is the result that counts, when we use life hacks.


Another life hack is very useful in the office or computer lab. Tell me, how often when buying a computer keyboard do you tell yourself that this time you are not going to break keyboard feet? Probably every time. And sadly every time you break them. Well, I can not help nothing. This life hack will help you not replace those elements of the keyboard. Just use two blinder clips. If you have broken only one keyboard foot, better break the second too. Then pin to the same two blinder clips. Again, very cool effect, the keyboard is not laying on your desk and is bent slightly which certainly appreciate your wrists during operation.


This life hack is very useful in the kitchen. Do you often fry pancakes? What do you associate with it? Certainly mess and spilled batter. And we have a way for this too! Pour batter into an empty bottle of ketchup. From now you can conveniently and above all purely fry pancakes.