When you installed Jurassic World: The game you can watch a great intro and then you have to learn how to play. You first will play with Triceratops. Later… who knows maybe you win this game? To effective play in this game you have to build Jurassic World (that way is the name of the game) by adding different dinosaurs and other old animals. You can buy them or obtain via special card packs but anyway to play with them you have to unlock it by completing challenge in the arena.

How to evolve Dinosaur

Everybody have to eat. Your dinosaur also has to eat. When you give him food your dinosaur is growing up and he is level-up.  And you can evolve them. Evolution is in labolatory. You can watch how he is evolved and when is him ready you can look how he looks now. You can put him back in your farm or you can sell him. But in toturial you can only put him back in the farm. Next step is battle. You are going back to arena and you can try your new Triceratops. Triceratops is your first dinosaur. I hope it will be the best. You have to remember- you can buy another dinosaurs. It can be second Triceratops or other- about other dinosaur you can learn below.