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What is Free Life Hacks? This is page where we would like to present you many tips and trick useful in everyday life. Thanks our tips, you can learn a lot of interesting option - how with the objects which we used everyday or objects which we do not see but they are near us make your life easier. For example, in our website you can find answer for the question - “What to do to headphones we do not tangled?” You know that the solution is very simple and basically everyone has them on hand? How to refresh our headlights in the car with cleaning agents that everyone has in his bathroom and use them every day. Or how to use empty toilet rolls, which also each of us has at home. The answer to these and many more other questions can be found on our blog. Everything described in clear not very long articles, which are surrounded by photos, to all you nice picture. In addition, from time to time we will try to post on our blog videos, so you can see the operation of life hacks in practice.

Idea of life hacks

Where did the idea for the site with life hacks? Everyone in life looking for things that will help us life. So it was in my case. I could never distinguish between keys. All the same, and I spent many minutes in front of the door, which drove me to madness. However, one day I saw my girl paints her nails while she carried 5 different colors of nail polish. Then I came up with a brilliant idea. I painted the tip of each key to a different color, I learned these colors on memory and since then I have not problem of distinguishing the keys. In this way also the idea was born to create a Free Life Hacks!

6 Life Hacks for everyone!

As you know people standard life have a lot of daily troubles. So we need to change our life and remove from it problems. One think what you need to do Is apply for life few life hacks from above video. I am not joking. This 6...

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17 Fashion Life Hack who must know every girl!

If you are a woman like me know problems with clothes. We need to look good in society but something we have problems. For this topic, I rewrite for you the best clothes life hacks from ButyyBird movie. First of all, when button...

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10 greatest life hacks!

Hi I find this very good movie in internet. From RUSSIAN HACKER. He is amazing. For him movies you can find a very good life hacks and nice movies. Just check him films in YouTube out! Moreover, I found this film with 10 amazing...

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10 winter life hacks!

Winter isn’t very good season for us. We need to use a lot of tricks to survive. I will describe very good tactics to survive winter without breaking arms or legs. I was very good happiness and everywhere I broke something.  At...

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Many useful Life Hacks in one video

I know that when you fix all of problems in life. Don’t? But I known this feeling. Just I am using a lot of good. Just check out our website. We have a lot of good life hacks. Please apply some of themes to your life and I think...

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How to not be fooled?

Are you a owner of account in game, credit card or something else? Someone tries to fools you? Nowadays you can be fooled by almost everyone, thieves are everywhere, they are trying to steal your money or account in game. You...

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