So, have you ever heard about Madden NFL Mobile? Maybe you have, because this is very popular game nowadays about american football, for smarphones with Android and iOS, and we are here because we want to talk about differences between Android and iOS. This is very popular thread and people are still arguing in Internet which one is better, which one they hate and many, many other stuff about these operating smartphone systems. Let’s talk about this.

So, do you know any differences between iOS and Android? If you are a smarphone user, no matter which one you are using you probably heard about differences between them. Let’s talk about this, if you are a Android user you probably hear many times „iOS is better than Android” and other blasphemies about Android, iOS users have the same situation, people still arguing about them, you can find many differences between them in whole Internet, you can find many comparisons, we don’t know which one you prefer and which one is better for you. We can tell you few basic differences, for example: Android first release was in 2008, iOS in 2007. They have different developers, device manufacturers and many, many other, this is very big and actually hard thread. Do you want to know and learn more? Keep reading, we will tell you more.

Are you interested in? If you want to know more about this you should write to us. We will tell you more differences between iOS and Android, also maybe there is something what you know, maybe. You can ask us for anything you want and we will answe you as soon as possible. Because a lot of people are asking about this, like I said before this is very popular! Start writing right now, we are waiting for your message!