Have you ever heard about Amercian football? Probably yes, but we are here to talk about Madden NFL Mobile – game for smarphones. In this game you are playing American Football! You can find this game for Android and obviously iOS, this is very popular game. Almost 680 thousands of people give these game five stars grade. The highest one and more than ten millions of people download this game, it means something – this is great game, let’s talk about this game!

So, have you ever played American football or Madden NFL Mobile? In Europe American football isn’t very popular sport, so we will not be surprise if your answer is „no”. But actually Madden NFL Mobile is very popular and you can ask your friends „Have you ever hear about this game? Because I want to play and I don’t know how to start.” Maybe they will know something, this is very popular game. This is just a game about American football, in whole internet you can find many opinons about this game, tutorials and reviews. You can read how to start playing and how whole game works. But there is something what you don’t know, yet. We will tell you everything what we mention before, we will do it!

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