Marvel Contest of Champions combosCombo in Marvel Contest of Champions is unique attack, which usually name series attack. It is definition of other game, like Marvel Contest of Champions. If our attack is blocked by enemy, or his counterattack is really hard, so combo is zero, and we must start on the bottom. In Marvel game we have all time counter, even enemy get counterattack. So, even if the enemy attacks us, we can wait and go on the attack again, take said counter almost to infinity. This system looks like so easy, and combos sow thickly here, but remember that it uses them as our enemy.

Question – so how tamp highest counter using the game mechanics?

Classic Combo in Marvel Contest of Champions is four to five strokes, one after another. We have only two attacks, first refer to as “tap” meltdown triggered a touch screen, and other natural will was called “dash”. At the end of each combo there is almost always a tiny window of time, win which you can quickly hump from the opponent back and start another combo. You must learn it, because it is not easy. In first, we have to control movements of a champion, then the real fun starts.

Few steps to get Marvel best combo:fight start

  1. Opponents performs combo, so we block it earlier, which maintain until the end combo.
  2. Once we finished we start the attack or wait still getting ready for a special blow
  3. You must attack, because you cannot block all hits
  4. When your opponent uses the block, use “charged attack”, because this type of attack breaks every lock

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