Marvel Contest of Champions loading screenMarvel Contest is the best in the Marvel universe. You can play as your favorite hero from the amazing movies and kick ass of the epic opponents of course form this universe.
You can play this game in mobile platforms wherever you are. In the bus, school bus, train, home? Anywhere you can play.

When your game started, you can see splash screen with developer logo and of course Marvel company. After it Dead pool ask you to log in to the game online services. It is important because you can play with cooperative modes or normally multiplayer VS any world opponent. He said to register. If you use Google Android service called Play Games you may login automatic without registration on game servers.

After it you go to first quest. For example, you need to level up your hero with very easy possibilities. For example, just finish daily quest in the Marvel Contest of Champions. Just in the game world (space) map kill every champion in the roads. You can get experience, crystals and ISO-8.

What is the crystals in the Marvel Contest of Champions?

Crystals are dropping normally from bosses when you play. But you can in easy way hack the game. You only need to buy it in the item shop. It is very easy but pay to win. BeClose crystals will able for you get better champions (heroes) and leveling his up. You can drop your favorite Wolverine or another champion.

Crystals are very important in Marvel Contest of Champions. Remember to growing it up!

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