We all use Facebook, and for sure – you are not otherwise. So if we use mobile facebook we can’t live without its application for chat – Facebook Messenger. I’m pretty sure you could spend hours just sitting and chatting with your friends, posting photos of your new car, adding various life events, or just scrolling – just “facebooking”.
But did you know that Facebook Messenger has got much more to offer than only writing texts? And here’s our first Facebook life hack -> you can play games using Messenger application! And also you can see your friends’ scores, so it can be really competitive. So now you know that there are some hidden games in this app – but how can you find them? Finding there games isn’t always that simple. Some of them are very nicely hidden. We have done this for you, and here is the list of Messenger’s games that can provide you many hours of playing time.

The first hidden game is a basketball one. How to start playing? Well, you have to simply post a basketball emoji anywhere and then click it. You will be automatically moved to the game. And this is how it starts. This game can be really addictive, and I’m being serious. You know the game of basketball, don’t you? You have to put the ball into the basket. But it isn’t that easy when the basket is moving! I guess you and your friends are going to love it. Check it out.

The next hidden game is just as nice as the basketball one. Have you heard about the football game on messenger? I’m pretty sure you can guess how to find it. Yes, it’s just clicking on a football emoji and you can start playing. Activity presented in this game is a well known thing. You have to “kick” the ball in the air as many times as you can. Click on the ball and don’t let it touch the floor. It’s simple. Can you get past 10 points? To make this game Facebook was probably inspired by the Euro 2016. So, have fun with it.

There’s also one more game. It’s chess! But wait, there is no chess emoji available. So… how to play this? It’s the hardest game to activate I guess. You have to type “@fbchess play” into text field. Then you’ll go to the game. It’s also complicated. If you want to make a move, you have to use a code. For example “@fbchess ka1” will move your King to filed A1. K stands for King, Q – Queen, B – Bishop, N – knight, R – rook and P – pawn. So as you can see it is not that easy to play as basketball or football hidden game. But here comes the help – type “@fbchess help”. You’re welcome.

So there you have it. Now you can do more than just text your friends. Play with them. I guess they will love to compete with you. Who will go down as a winner?

Make sure you have Messenger application installed on your smartphone. Download here.