Have you ever wanted to get involved for modern military conflict? You can do it with Mobile Strike for Android and iOS platforms, in this game players care about raw minerals, building camp and training army, which he used against other players. If you like strategies this game is perfect for if, especially if you are interested in strategies with history accent, it makes this game better for players and makes better climate in game, this is very helpful and pleasant. Let’s talk about this.

So, do you like strategies? Probably yes if you reading this, but if you like history this game is perfect for you. You probably finished many strategy games and you are looking for something new. Like I said before, if you like wars and history this game is perfect for you. Have you ever heard about this game? Maybe your friends talked about this game before, maybe. If answer is yes, what do you think about this game? A lot of people says this is best war game of the year. We think this is one of the best war games of the year. Obviously you can find differences between iOS and Android gameplay. Because these platform are different, but don’t worry, it will not screw up your fun of this game, we are sure and you should be too.

So, are you interest in? If answer is yes – what are you waiting for? Just grab your smartphone and find Mobile Strike in Google Play or AppStore on iPhone. If you want to know more you should write to us, we will tell you more about this game, how to start playing, how this game works, where you can find good quality tutorials for this game and many, many others. We are waiting for your message. You can ask us for anything you want and we will answer you as soon as possible!