Did you sometimes think how live celebrities? If you think about it you should try new browser game like Movie Star Planet. It is a great game for girls and boys. You can be anyone you want to be. You can be a supermodel or top actor. You can have blond hair and small eyes or you have long black hair with big nose. You can be like star! It is amazing when you think about celebrities and top stars and you can be one of them.

My mom told me that I should more read or learn and I like play games. But what I should do when I like play? I can be whoever I want. I can talk with my friends and I can be myself. When I play Movie Star Planet I feel great. This is my best games. Is better than Clash Royale and Clash of Clans.  In Clash Royale and Clash of Clans I play on my smartphone. In this games you can’t play on your computer that’s way I play Movie Star Planet. So, one more time: I love play Movie Star Planet! The best option in this games is this that I can change clothes like Barbie. Every day I can have other clothes and in real life sometimes I wear two or three days this same. It is sad but real. So, that’s way I want play and I have to play. That’s way I watch TV how live celebrities and stars. They life is so different than my. By playing I’m closer their life and this gives me hope for better tomorrow, for better life for me in future.

When you think: should I play or should not? My answer is: of course you should play! You can start play, you can have a fun, you can meet new people from your school, you can talk with them and can finish. When playing and talking with your new friend is stupid for you can end play this game. You must remember: you don’t must play! Everything depends on you if you will play or not. So, open your browser, tip Movie Start Planet, register yourself and create new account and play. You have to accept rules and then go tutorial but later only you can have fun. It is so easy. You just need internet for playing just like when you play Agar.io or Sliter.io but Movie Star Planet is better game!