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First of all, have you ever heard about Pokemon? I’m for 100% sure you have, because this is one of the most popular TV stories and series of games for the consoles. But we are here to talk about something new. Some time ago Nintendo releases beta version of Pokemon Go, new version of Pokemon for smartphones. A lot of people are waiting for new version Pokemon, this will be a great game, Pokemon fans are waiting for new version, let’s talk about this.

Some time ago Nintendo releases new version of Pokemon and Pokemon fans are crazy, because of that and they are waiting for that game. Right now, Nintendo do beta tests of this game. They are still working on that game, because this game will be available on iOS and Android smartphones.

Moreover, in whole internet, you can read opinions about new version of Pokemon, people wants new version. This game is amazing because if you want to play this game and catch Pokemon you must go outside, it’s not fake. You must go outside if you want to catch Pokemon. This is amazing and game developers encourage players for going outside by this move, this is clever and good! We are waiting for more information about this game, they want to release this game in July 2016.

Futhermore, do you want to talk about this game. We are waiting for more information and maybe you know something more about this. If you want to talk about this – you should write to us, we will tell you more about this and we want to know your opinion about this game, maybe you know something interesting. What are you waiting for? Start writing a message right now, we are waiting for your message, you can tell us anything you want about this game.

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