In this online tutorial, I will describe for you how to in easy steps download and use Roblox Studio.

But first I will describe what is it this magic all in one development kit to Roblox game.
Roblox studio is an advanced system to creating new games and editing own productions (or of course released on Creative Commons). On the official site, we can read this: “Our best-in-class authoring environment allows creators to build immersive 3D cross-platform games and launch them simultaneously on PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices, Xbox One and Oculus Rift.”. And it isn’t a lie.

In this application, you can change imaginations into code and 3d assets. Moreover, you can use a lot of public scripts to make your creativity better and better.

In this software, you can build own world based on a small piece of virtual material like Lego.

how to download roblox studio

Your new game creating interface was based on a small logical pyramid.

You can create GAME with Players and WORKSPACE with Terrain and Camera and Baseplate.

In my opinion, if your dream is working as game developer, this software form Roblox Corporation is the best to start this amazing adventure.

Check out this small piece of pseudo C++ script code:

game.Workspace.Baseplate.Transparency = 0.75
game.Workspace.Baseplate.BrickColor = Bicolored()
game.Workspace.Part.BrickColor = BrickColor.Random()
game.Lighting:SetMinutesAfterMidnight(5 * 60)

This lies make your baseplate transparency of 75%, make default bricks color to red and make next bricks in random colors. Moreover, this code set game clock to midnight – so you have good light to work!

How to download Roblox Studio? This is very simple. Just go to this URL:

I next step, just click this huge green button:

roblox studio download

Next you will show this amazing application. Of course, you need to use it on the personal computer, with Windows. For use version on Linux (I love Linux Mint!) check this link:


Roblox studio as next generation Wallet

If your skill are better than this video tutorials of programming in Roblox Studio ( you can earn a lot of money with the addons in your game, based on virtual currency Robux.

If you want to read more about Robux currency in the Roblox thanks – Roblox hack

A lot of good developers (moreover, a lot of with the young age), break the line of money. Just you can unification awesome hobby, brain expander and money generator. Just only idea and work.

In the sum up, Roblox Studio will make you better and now you can know what to do to become an income master! Please share this article. I am loving my hobby like you. But I love writing articles, and you (probably) generating worlds in the Roblox.