Pokemon Go is the most popular game in last months. It is big glory for Nintendo and Niantic. The game is not yet fully developed. The creators still working on amendments, despite this, the game continues beats records of popularity. A lot of players on whole world, looking for especially information about game. We feel it is important to create this text, and show few important information about game.

First – the highest level in game is 40

Nobody have 40 level in game. It is very hard, because we must have twenty million experience points. Advanced from 39. to 40. level  is a cost five million experience points.

Second – wild Pokemon

However, you do not need 40 level to meet any strong Pokemon. Full Combat Power of wild Pokemon is on thirty level. Strongest creatures hatched from eggs we can expect from the level 20.

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Third – Legendary Pokemon and Master Ball

In code game we have a lot of information about How to catch Moltres, Zapdos, Articuno, Mewtwo, Ditto… and Mew! Yes, creators is ready to show legendary Pokemon . Interesting is that the legendary Pokemon does not have a catch rate. Probably if we want to catch one, we must use Master Ball. How can I get this? I do not know. It is mystery.

Fourth – how to fight?

Fight is an essential in game. Players training Pokemon, so as to get this on Gym or other Battle Arena and fight with other players. We have few information about fight. Check this out:

  • Pokemon, wchich defend Gym attack of 90 second
  • Every attack is a individual chance to critical hit
  • “Super effective attack” is a faster than tradition attack
  • High trainer level is a chance to get stronger attack

Meet PokeStop and different

On map we can see a lot of blue icons, which represent PokeStops. Usually we can find it near tourist attraction, central park, cathedral and church. If we go to PokeStop, we can recap icon on middle, and wait for random items and bonus. Higher level player, can get better items. For example, Ultra Ball is can get on twenty level. Regular meet PokeStop is a great way to get experience.

PokeStop reset after five minutes. So, you can regular use same place. Of course, in big city, is a easier to find PokeStop. In this place, you can use Lucky Egg, so as to get more Pokemon, than somewhere. If you want, to use magic egg, you will find calm place, to get Pokemon.

Use Lucky Egg

When you regular visiting PokeStop, you can hit the rare rewards in the form of eggs different levels. At the beginning of the game, each player will receive one incubator used for hatching eggs found. In one Incubator you can have only one egg. You must walk two to ten kilometers, so as to Pokemon will hatch.

Usually one incubator is too little for players. To get more of them should buy them in a virtual shop in exchange for PokeCoins. These, however can be used up to three times, although the initial Incubator is indestructible.