Good hacking software are must have for any cheater. In this website section, you can get some important information’s about popular programs or distributions and link to easy downloading.

Hacking Linux distributions

Kali Linux – Is and very impressive operating system based on Debian. The history of Kali was started 10 years ago when student need to has live cd system with very easy penetration testing application. He made a base for this amazing OS. Today community over Kali are having a lot of specialists around the world.
The best in this hacking Linux distribution is having a lot of useful apps. For hacking and for standard use. For example, Wireshark is embedded to this Distro. Moreover, Kali community was made self-script to improve hacking or of course testing networks.
If you understand what is a Linux and you have base level in penetrations testes – Kali is your must have. Just download, install on USB stick and boot it up.

Cheat Engine

CE is must have software for cheating or hacking games or standard office applications on windows. This software base on injection technical. The injection is accessing to memory of another threads in Windows and manipulate them. In online games, you can in easy way setup speed hack. Or in normal games you can edit variables. But this software is made not only for games. You can cheat Google Chrome or any thread (app) what you want. Moreover, remember about anti-cheating software like VAC (Valve anti cheat) or Hack Shield. This apps are waiting for an injection and like an eternal injection gives for your permanent ban.

Cheat engine


This shark was made for attacking network packets below client to server. For example, it allows you to change parameters or exploits buggy software. One of the easy technic is of course reading not encoded text chats from the internet. It is very easy to do. Just download and run app. Use not encrypted HTTP connection (not HTTPS) and check in log what you will get.