Facebook… do you what is this? If answer is yes you should read this article, but if answer is no… Well, everything is ok with you? Really? Anyway if you don’t know what is Facebook you should read this article too. It is very important to know what Facebook is because our life depends on internet and social media. Social media are very important in this days. If you have Facebook you have probably Twitter or Snapchat. It depends of your needs. When you like look at photos you can install Instagram or when you like talk with others you install Facebook. Or you can install everything!

I like Facebook. I can be in touch with my friends, I can quickly get knowledge what new buy my neighbor, where he was on holidays, what baby’s my friend eat on breakfast… In Facebook is everything. I think this is great solution to contact with others by using Messengers. I can call to my friends using Messengers and I can don’t have to pay because it is for free.

So, how often do you use Facebook? Do you have Messengers?  Do you install Facebook app on your smartphone? If answer is now you should get to hand your smartphone, install Facebook app and then Messengers because this is very handful tool. If you have a boyfriend/girlfriend you can be still in touch with him/her. You can look if he/she has new friends. I don’t know if you know but on Facebook you can find your old friend from elementary school. I think this is amazing! Sometimes you forgot about your friends when you was a children. By using Facebook you can talk with them, watch what they are doing. You ask them and other friends when you have a question and you got a many answers. When you are on holidays you can upload your picture and show everyone where you are in this moment. You can ask your friends on Facebook if they don’t know where you can search a job. You can ask them about everything! Really! When you search a place for holidays you can ask them and I’m sure that they help you. Of course they also have a questions and maybe you know a solutions. Facebook is great, you can help other and others can help you when you need help.