Do you often search life hacks? Below you find a few very useful life hacks in my opinion.

Are you a automotive fan? Do you have your own car? Do you like it? When answer is yes you must look at this life hack. It make your life more easier. So, we know now you have a car (if you don’t you can tell about it another person who has car for example your friend). How often do you have dirty headlights? If answer is often you have to go to your bathroom and take… toothpaste! Yes, it is crazy but toothpaste help you clean your headlights. Look in picture, there you have before cleaning and after. Do you see a different? If answer is again yes go to your bathroom and… go cleaning!

cd spindle

And last life hack for today. No matter if you are a student or worker. I think you going to work or school you take food with you. Mostly it will be sandwich. In here we have a problem. How take it without smash? It could be easy when you are a fun of bagels. Look at our picture and tell me: it make your life easier? It is ecologic because instead of throwing away you using again. You can say that it will not good looking but who cares? It is your breakfast, it is your life and it is you old cd spindle! Maybe your friends will asking you if you have more cd spindle. It will be like 2 in 1: you throw away old garbage and you help your friend be cool. Sometimes help is more important than money.

When you are a woman you like shopping. Mens are wondering how you can wear shopping if you have 20 bags. How? It is easy. When you have to wear something new it is no matter how much it weighs and how big it is but sometimes you need a little help, wright? That’s way you can use our life hack how to wear your clothes shopping or groceries. How? Look at picture and everything will be easy. This tip have one more advantage: no one can steal your bags because they are everything together! You have to remember: when you are going shopping take with you carabiner and shopping will be only a pleasure.