Steam history

steam history

What is Steam? It is great question, if we want to understand how to work one of most popular game platform in world, and how long way must walked. In few words it is digital games distribution platform, which created by Valve. It is also internet shop, where we can buy online access to many games. We can login to it through computer, laptop or even mobile smartphone, and also on Mac or Linux.

How to start it?

Valve Software is an American manufacturer of computer games. Brand was created by Gabe Newell – co-found and today CEO. Valve get popular for its gaming series – Counter Strike, Portal or Half-Life. The most appreciated among critics is that the first and third, the platform Steam, however was due to another title. On first time – Steam does not have to be a shop, but only distribution system update to the game. Once you have decided on the construction of a platform with automatic updates. Steam have also anti-cheat system and anti-piracy in few multiplayer games. Valve wanted to help from Yahoo! or Microsoft so as to, build all project together, but the Brands do not want to do it.

Steam history

Steam platform was founded in 2003. DVD format only then crawling, it appeared the game like GTA: Vice City, Splinter Cell or Star Wars: KotOR. On this time – graphics cards were mostly 256 mb of memory, and in the category of “monitors” section lists still won big boxes CRT. It is short history of Steam. Today we have one of most and biggest platform games in whole world. We have chance to playing in one of 4500 games! It is impossible project, which father is Gabe Newell – for many people, founding father of today’s gaming world. Enjoy it, and have fun!

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