Subway Surfers is great video game presented by Kiloo & SYBO Games for android. Player are average teen vandalizing a subway trains and is caught by The Inspector and his dog. Player must run between trains. If you like action games this game is for you. I prefer game like Clash Royale or even Clash of Kings but Subway Surfers is also ok.

In this game you collect coins. And this is all. I think this is stupid game but you can have other opinion. In this game you can play only by using your smartphone. Game is for free. You must have a smartphone with android or iOS. I think android is better but if you prefer iOS is ok. It is your phone and it was your decision to buy a IPhone. As I said before I prefer smartphones with android like Samsung or LG. But let’s start again.  If you have you smartphone with android or iOS system you can download this game. Game is for free as I before said. If you want be better you can of course buy more life by using real money. If you want play “normal” of course you can.

I think you can play in this game when you are boring because this is stupid game. I don’t know who play at this! Really! My little sister like play this game and it is good for her but for me is horrible maybe because I use Windows on my phone. Someone told me that this game work also on Windows but I’m not sure. My sister can play this or her tablet and smartphone but I can’t! She don’t want borrow me her tablet to play and I have to play other games like Clash Royale.

I asked yesterday my mom and she told me that my little sister almost all day play Subway Surfers. It is amazing for me to play all day in one game. This game must be really good game but I don’t know why this game is boring for me…  Maybe I have to try play this on smartphone with android system or iOS and everything will be ok but I’m not sure. What do you think about this game? Do you play this game? Please tell me if you know this game because maybe I have to buy a new smartphone with android because smartphone with iOS is too expensive for me at this moment.